In the attached article found in Successful Farming, Jim Hedges (VP of seed marketing for Winfield United) points out that finding new ways lower your input costs can be extremely important for a farmers success. At you can lower your seed costs, and purchase top of the line genetics from already established seed companies. […]

Navigating our New Shop Options to Buy Seed Online

We are excited to announce that growers can now purchase soybean and alfalfa seed through Online Seed Sales! With these changes also came changes to our interface and shop options. Learn how to navigate our new shop options and buy seed online today. The Shop Page When you visit our new shop page, you will […]

Benefits of Buying Seed Online

Buying seed online with Online Seed Sales provides many benefits for growers wanting to maximize their ROI and expand their operation. From comparing products directly from your computer or smart device to buying premium seed at a discounted price, we’re bringing purchasing seed into the 21st century. Buy Premium Seed at Distributor Pricing As a […]

OnLineSeedSales™ Updates: What We’ve Done & Where We’re Going!

What We’ve Done 2017 was a very important year for us.  We will never stop researching different ideas on how to make OLSS™, our one of a kind platform,  for   a more user friendly environment for both growers as well as brand owners. Looking back, these were some of our biggest improvements in 2017! The Product […]

How to Utilize our Product Comparison Tool

Online Seed Sales makes it easy for you to review and compare products. Our product comparison tool allows you to compare cost, maturity, refuge product and more! Find the right seeds for your needs with our product comparison tool. How to Begin To begin comparing products go to the Shop page and fill out the […]

Independent Seed Company Corn Option

Benefits of Buying from an Independent Seed Company

When you buy seed, you have many choices. However, there may not be as many as you think and that number decreases every year. Independent seed companies could one day become a thing of the past if you don’t consider them in your purchasing decision.  Here are some of the biggest benefits of going indie. […]