Independent Seed Company Corn Option

Benefits of Buying from an Independent Seed Company

When you buy seed, you have many choices. However, there may not be as many as you think and that number decreases every year. Independent seed companies could one day become a thing of the past if you don’t consider them in your purchasing decision.  Here are some of the biggest benefits of going indie.

No Obligation to a Parent Company

Many seed companies keep their names when they’re purchased by big companies like Monsanto. They seem independent, but really they’re pushing their parent company’s agenda. This can result in pushing products that might not be good for your operation. Sticking with an independent company means you know exactly what you’re getting.

Access to More Traits and Genetics

Where you live, how you grow and your goals all influence what kind of seed is best for you. The big corporations market their own genetically engineered products above all else, whereas an independent seed company maintains a long list of traits and genetics, so you can find what works best for you.

A Chance to Keep More Options on the Market

A specific independent seed company may or may not be able to meet your needs, but no matter what, they perform one important service: They keep variety alive. If all the independent companies are eliminated, there will be no one with enough leverage to sway the bigger companies. By some estimates, there are only about a hundred independent seed companies left in America today.

Reduced Costs with More Independent Choices

All the consolidation that has happened in the last decade have driven seed prices up substantially. With less competition and fewer alternatives to the bigger companies, farmers are finding they pay more for fewer choices. If you want to avoid that, it’s critical to keep independent companies alive by voting for them with your dollar.

If you don’t want to limit your options and you do want access to the best seeds for your particular operation, it’s time to reap the benefits of working with an independent seed company.

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