Should you consider late N application with a Y-drop system in 2021?

Nitrogen availability near flowering time and during grain fill can be one of the most important factors in maximizing final yields. The advantage of a Y-drop nitrogen (N) application system appears to be greatest in dry environments, as it concentrates the added N in the largest and most active root zone, and it allows N […]

Derecho Resistant Corn Research

There have been several articles in the news recently which were  titled “derecho proof” corn. These articles observed advantages in standability following the August 7 2020 derecho, for shorter corn hybrids being developed by research conducted independently by Bayer and Stine corn research programs. Miller Hybrids has already developed a key “derecho resistant” medium-short corn […]

diseased corn seeds

Diseases That May Impact Your Corn Seeds

Growing corn is a beneficial career option and can be very useful for farmers who want to break into a bigger market. However, even the best seed corn in Hastings, Iowa, can suffer from diseases that compromise their health. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these conditions and what you can do to prevent them. By […]


The Best Corn Seed Storage Tips for Your Needs

Do you have corn seed in Hastings, Nebraska that ends up getting wasted every year? This problem is one that affects many farmers and growers and can be exasperating. It can also be costly if your seeds end up getting too damaged and force you to buy even more for next year’s planting. As a result, […]


In the attached article found in Successful Farming, Jim Hedges (VP of seed marketing for Winfield United) points out that finding new ways lower your input costs can be extremely important for a farmers success. At you can lower your seed costs, and purchase top of the line genetics from already established seed companies. […]

OLSS taking the “Show on the Road”!

We at are very exited to have a booth at the 2019 Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, NE September 10th – 12th.  We have attended a handful of shows the last 2 years, but never the “Granddaddy” of Nebraska.  We will be located in the North DI building, booth 1505.  Also, assuming everything […]

What to plant when taking prevent-plant

If planting corn or soybeans this spring isn’t in the cards and you’ve opted to take the prevent-plant provision of crop insurance, there are a host of reasons why planting cover crops in lieu of keeping land idle is a good decision.  This article in “Successful Farming” by Bill Spiegel answers some of the prevent-plant […]