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      The Four Types of Corn Grown in America

      Though you may not realize it, corn is a very diverse plant. There are many different options from which you can choose if you want to farm corn for your planting needs. Thankfully, seed corn for sale comes in many different varieties. The options below are the four most famous and celebrated types of corn on the market. While you might not be selling these for food, you can always focus more on various other products for your corn.

      Sweet Dinner Corn

      When you eat corn for dinner, you are most likely eating sweet corn. This breed is typically picked while it is immature because the sugar content is very high. As a result, you will get a very juicy flavor that is hard to top. You can also find a variety of different colors, including white, yellow, and multi-color options. Often, this breed is sweetened further to make super-sweet corn.

      Growing this corn is an excellent choice if you plan on selling to supermarkets or farmer’s markets in your area. Unlike other corn on this list – which may not be grown for food – you can also quickly eat this corn on your own. Some people don’t even have to add butter to enjoy this sweet and tasty dish. Just make sure to pair it with a dish that you love to bring the most out of your food.

      Note: when buying this seed corn for sale, you need to pay attention to its maturity level to ensure you don’t pick it too late. Remember: you want your sweet corn to be reasonably immature to get the most taste out of it. However, if you wait too long, you can still sell this breed to popcorn and corn chip manufacturers. They will use many different processes to get the corn to be as tasty as possible for their customers’ needs.

      The Popular Dent Corn

      When you’re seeking out seed corn for sale, you may be interested in trying out dent. This corn – otherwise known as field corn – is typically among the easiest to find. You should see a dent in the crown of each corn that makes it easy to spot. Usually, dent is known for having a relatively low sugar content and a high starch content. Though people can eat it, most miss out on the sweet flavor.

      As a result, you typically find this type of corn as animal feed. You may also sell it to chip companies or tortilla manufacturers. Some even use this corn for many kinds of moonshine! As a result, this is a good choice if you want to grow corn that is useful for many industries. Remember – not every corn ends up on the dinner plates of American families across the nation.

      Note: this type of corn may also be a useful sell to many researchers and other professionals trying to do genetic tests on corn. For example, you may find that herbicide companies want dent corn because they can use it to create resistant corn species. The options for selling your crops are never too small if you are imaginative. You may even find some medicine manufacturers willing to buy this type of corn also.

      Decorative Flint Corn Breeds

      Have you ever seen corn hanging from various harvest displays or even from wreaths during Thanksgiving? That was probably a flint corn cub. Otherwise known as calico or Indian corn, flint is a robust and hardy variety that often dries out into a sturdy surface. However, this breed is very high in nutrients and makes a great meal option if you know how to prepare it.

      For example, you can dry the grains and use them to make cornmeal or flour. Other dishes use them in hominy, polenta, and even grits. And if you love popcorn, you’ve had flint corn before. So if you are interested in growing this breed, pay attention to these types of customers. Doing so will improve your chances of selling this corn and making good money.

      Note: make sure to focus on this type of seed corn for sale if you live in an area that celebrates a lot of harvest festivals. This factor makes it easier for you to identify people who may want to buy your corn. Just as importantly, you can reach out to schools, churches, and other social buildings that may want these decorations. As always, the only limitation here is your imagination and selling skills.

      The Sometimes Hard-to-Find Heirloom Varieties

      Heirloom corn isn’t a specific type of seed corn for sale, as such. That’s because many types of corn get produced every year, and not every breed is as popular as they were in the past. As a result, many types fall under what is known as the heirloom variety. Typically, these are non-standardized ears that may not fall under the listings below but which can still be used for many purposes.

      For example, most heirloom corn is still edible and even sweet. Other types may be hard and useful for decoration. However, they are usually so rare that you often struggle to find some people who also know about them. Thankfully, many farmers are working on trying to bring them back. You could join their ranks if you want, but know there might be a bit of an uphill battle if you try out this approach.

      Note: if you somehow end up with heirloom corn ears and you don’t know what to do with them, contact farmers near you. Often, they will buy up these ears cheaply to use as feed for their cows. No, you might not make as much money as you would have if they were not heirloom ears. But trying to find a buyer for heirloom corn may be hard, and off-loading them for any profit is better than none.

      Choosing Your Seed Corn

      If any of this seed corn for sale looks excellent to you, please contact us at Online Seed Sales today to learn more. Our experts have years of experience identifying people who can benefit from our products. We also know how to give you the help that you need to ensure that your corn sells. So don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email us to get started on the buying process.

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