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      Alfalfa Seed For Sale

      Avoid These Errors When Planting Alfalfa

      Alfalfa provides many benefits to farmers and is a high-quality plant that has many purposes. However, it can be subject to many issues when you try planting it. So when you buy alfalfa seed for sale, make sure to pay attention to these factors. Doing so will help to make sure that you don’t experience any problems when you try to plant this beneficial plant in your garden.

      Mistake One: Bad Soil

      When you are planting alfalfa, you need to pay attention to the quality of the soil. The durability of this plant – and its ability to grow in many environments – causes people to think that it doesn’t need great earth to succeed. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Alfalfa typically requires a specific pH level to grow.

      Typically, you’ll want to get a soil test done where you plan on planting your alfalfa. Doing so will give you an idea of its acidity and alkalinity. In most cases, you’re going to want to have a balance of at least 6.0 to above 6.5. The lower level is okay if you are starting, but the higher level is necessary for more sustained growths. If your acidity is too small, you may need to add lime or fertilizer.

      Typically, you need to make sure that the fertilizer you use is high in potassium. This nutrient is more acidic and helps your alfalfa grow. This unique demand throws off many farmers because other plants don’t need such a level for their growth. So always, always test your soil before you plant anything. Doing so will ensure you don’t waste any alfalfa seed for sale that you buy.

      Mistake Two: Picking a Bad Growing Site

      Alfalfa is a robust plant and should be able to grow in many areas. However, the alfalfa seed for sale that you buy isn’t indestructible. Like any plant, it needs a proper place to grow to become strong and healthy. That’s why it is so important to pay attention to the site where you grow your alfalfa. Too many people ignore this factor and end up with weak plant growth.

      For example, hilly ground is a bad place for alfalfa to grow. It also struggles in shallow soils or in areas that may be slightly eroded. If you have ever grown alfalfa before, you know that it typically prefers low and flat areas that have no potholes or weak spots. And if you have never grown alfalfa before, visit somebody who has to take a look at where they grew it.

      You’ll usually find that it thrives on areas with almost no hills. Often, it is very exposed to the sun and has a very grass-filled and rolling look to it. Try to aim for this type of soil when you grow your alfalfa. Unfortunately, if you do not have this kind of land, you may struggle to grow this plant. While it might grow in areas that don’t suit it – due to its hardiness – it won’t be as strong.

      Mistake Three: Weak Planting Procedures

      When you buy high-quality alfalfa seed for sale, you commit to that plant. You not only commit yourself to harvest it but ensuring that it is healthy. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of not properly preparing their seedbeds or planting their alfalfa. This error is a huge one because it can cause you to lose entire crops almost overnight.

      For example, you need a till to produce a bed good enough for alfalfa. Usually, you want to use a plow or cultipacker to get the ground ready. This process is a little tougher than you expect, and you need to put in the work necessary to create a place to grow.

      If necessary, you may want to use a drill. Drilling helps to make an accurate hole that is deep and wide enough for your seeds. It also serves as a test for your soil quality. If you cannot drill into your soil, your alfalfa cannot be planted here. That’s because the land is likely too dry and may not be a good fit for growing this plant.

      Mistake Four: Not Caring for Alfalfa Properly

      The widespread nature of alfalfa and its reputation for durability often makes many farmers forget that they planted it. And this plant is often so innocuous that it can be easy to ignore it for days on end. Unfortunately, this lack of care is a huge mistake. Alfalfa is just as prone to damage as other types of plants. So when you buy alfalfa seed for sale, make sure you don’t forget proper care methods.

      These include keeping your cattle away from your alfalfa. Cows love this plant and will destroy entire fields. However, many aphids also love this plant and will chow down on it. Other pests that may affect your alfalfa include armyworms and even weed invasions. And you must remove dandelions if you see them sprouting near your hay.

      As a result, you need to weed your alfalfa regularly or spray pesticides on it to keep away these bugs. Pay attention to what pests are the most common in your area. Inspect your hay at least once a day to find anything that may be affecting you. Then, you must take proper steps to protect it. Doing so can help to save you money and ensure that your harvest is as high as possible.

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