Derecho Resistant Corn Research

There have been several articles in the news recently which were  titled “derecho proof” corn. These articles observed advantages in standability following the August 7 2020 derecho, for shorter corn hybrids being developed by research conducted independently by Bayer and Stine corn research programs. Miller Hybrids has already developed a key “derecho resistant” medium-short corn […]

Sell Alfalfa Online with Online Seed Sales

Brands who partner with Online Seed Sales are now able to sell alfalfa online! The latest update to Online Seed Sales now enables seed companies to sell corn, soybeans and alfalfa seed to growers across the country. There are many benefits to selling alfalfa seed through our online platform that can help you sell more […]

Buy Soybean Seed Online: Coming Soon

Online Seed Sales customers will soon be able to buy soybean seed online through our convenient online portal. This update will allow customers to purchase both premium discounted corn and soybean seed from anywhere they have an internet connection! This update also means our partners will be able to sell their soybean seed through Online Seed Sales, […]

Becoming an Online Seed Sales Partner

We at OnlineSeedSales™, as a family owned business and not a huge conglomerate, believe that partnerships are a necessity.  We value all of our partnerships, especially those we have and are going to have with OnLineSeedSales™.  We are always looking for high-quality, and trusted seed companies to join our online platform. Becoming an OnLineSeedSales™ partner allows […]