Buy Soybean Seed Online: Coming Soon

Online Seed Sales customers will soon be able to buy soybean seed online through our convenient online portal. This update will allow customers to purchase both premium discounted corn and soybean seed from anywhere they have an internet connection!

This update also means our partners will be able to sell their soybean seed through Online Seed Sales, making it easier than ever to reach more people and sell more seed.



Our customers will be able to compare soybean by prices, brands, and a variety of other attributes, such as GMO, insect technology and many others.  Also, with our improved website platform coming in February, it will make it easier for farmers to search, compare and buy seed, whether on a computer, tablet or directly from their smart phone.


Once soybean seeds are available for purchase, customers will be able to search for and purchase soybean and corn seed that was cultivated to produce the best yield possible.

Shop our selection of premium corn seed, available now! 


Soon seed companies who partner with Online Seed Sales will be able to sell soybean seed in addition to corn seed, with more seed options to come in the future!

New updates to the site will also allow suppliers to upload and manage their own products. Companies will be able to set their own prices, attributes and distribution as they upload their products to Online Seed Sales. They will also be able to sell to specific counties and set prices accordingly.

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