Should you consider late N application with a Y-drop system in 2021?

Nitrogen availability near flowering time and during grain fill can be one of the most important factors in maximizing final yields. The advantage of a Y-drop nitrogen (N) application system appears to be greatest in dry environments, as it concentrates the added N in the largest and most active root zone, and it allows N […]

Derecho Resistant Corn Research

There have been several articles in the news recently which were  titled “derecho proof” corn. These articles observed advantages in standability following the August 7 2020 derecho, for shorter corn hybrids being developed by research conducted independently by Bayer and Stine corn research programs. Miller Hybrids has already developed a key “derecho resistant” medium-short corn […]

Navigating our New Shop Options to Buy Seed Online

We are excited to announce that growers can now purchase soybean and alfalfa seed through Online Seed Sales! With these changes also came changes to our interface and shop options. Learn how to navigate our new shop options and buy seed online today. The Shop Page When you visit our new shop page, you will […]

2017 Corn Yield

2017 Corn Yield Review

Why were corn yields so high in many areas of the corn-belt in 2017, despite it being a dry year? There are many reasons to explain the surprisingly good year in a large part of the corn-belt in 2017.  Below I will list a number of what I see as some of the main factors: […]

Questions to Ask at Your Next Field Day

12 Questions to Ask at Your Next Field Day

Field Days are the ideal time to ask questions and learn more about potential dealers, as they discuss and showcase their products. How to Prepare They say the best way to learn is to ask questions, and that couldn’t be truer than at the field days you attend. Having questions in mind ahead of time […]