Sell Alfalfa Online with Online Seed Sales

Brands who partner with Online Seed Sales are now able to sell alfalfa online! The latest update to Online Seed Sales now enables seed companies to sell corn, soybeans and alfalfa seed to growers across the country.

There are many benefits to selling alfalfa seed through our online platform that can help you sell more and increase ROI.

Reach More Growers

When you sell alfalfa online with Online Seed Sales you gain access to more growers and extend your reach outside of your normal distribution area.

Increase Sales

Selling with Online Seed Sales is fast and convenient. And because you can get your product in front of more growers, you can increase sales and grow your operation.

Cut out the Middleman

By selling alfalfa online through Online Seed Sales, you are able to cut out the middleman. Growers are buying directly from you, which ultimately, helps you keep your costs down.

Becoming a Partner

Online Seed Sales is always looking for seed companies who are interested in maximizing their selling power and providing new solutions to growers. If you are interested in selling alfalfa online or learning more about becoming a partner with Online Seed Sales, check out our Become a Partner page.

Sell Alfalfa Online