OnLineSeedSales™ Updates: What We’ve Done & Where We’re Going!

What We’ve Done

2017 was a very important year for us.  We will never stop researching different ideas on how to make OLSS™, our one of a kind platform,  for   a more user friendly environment for both growers as well as brand owners. Looking back, these were some of our biggest improvements in 2017!

The Product Comparison Tool

The product comparison tool allows you to view and compare the varieties that meet your chosen criteria. The comparison tool gives you the ability to compare your products side-by-side to see exactly how they match up.

Specials Page

We recently completed our specials page, which populates when a specified discount is reached.  Everyone loves a good deal, and the specials page is definitely the place to find one. Want to compare products directly from the specials page? You can also do that !

View Specials Page

Our Insights Page

An additional update to OnLineSeedSales™ was our Insights Page .  This is a location where you, the grower, can find resources and current information that is relevant to the industry.

Coming in 2018

Here at OnLineSeedSales™ we are always looking for ways to grow and improve.  That being said, the following are some of the improvements we have already put into motion for January 2018!

More Filtering Options

Our customers will soon be able to find the exact product they’re looking for with even more filtering options on our shop page. We’re aiming to make the buying process more convenient than ever!


We are expanding our inventory to include soy beans in January 2018! Soon you’ll be able to search, compare and buy both corn and soy beans from the same cart at discounted prices.

More Special Discounts

Last, but not least, next year we’ll be adding even more functionalities to our Specials Page, giving our customers the ability to find the seed they need at amazing prices!