We know farming, and we know corn.  Our family’s long history in the seed business, over 75 years and 4 generations now, qualifies us to work with farms big and small, young and old. We understand the value of legacy information, legacy values, and the importance of moving the family business to the future for the next generation. Our focus is on farming, not chemistry, and we are dedicated to helping farmers take control of their corn seed destiny. Our team is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about plant breeding, hybrid development, and providing customers with high quality, personalized products.  Whether you are looking for grain corn, silage corn, or high moisture corn, we can provide you with the information and hybrids to maximize performance for your overall operation.  Extensive testing and agronomic knowledge gained during the hybrid development process allows us to understand each product’s strengths and weaknesses, which helps with superior hybrid placement for your particular requirements—personalizing your seed.  Consistent and quality corn seed genetics are key factors in long-term successful annual performance for your farm.  We are unique to the marketplace as we are self-sufficient in our genetics, with our own proprietary hybrids and parent lines.  We are independent of the chemical seed companies.  The seed we develop is for your farm: it’s your seed for your legacy.

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